About me

Caddy Melville Ledbetter - Knitwear Designer, Teacher

Hey there! I'm Caddy Melville Ledbetter, a knitwear designer and teacher based in Ottawa Canada. I learned to knit from my uber talented mom, Sally Melville. It took her a few attempts to get me going, but by the time I was in my 20's we realized I must have learned through osmosis. Growing up surrounded by yarn, endless amazing handknit sweaters, and the intensely creative mind of my mother meant that once I designed my first garment, I was hooked and was going to be a knitwear designer. Although we have very different styles, my mom inspires me everyday. Because of her I take risks, I rip back whole garment pieces without cursing, and I recognize mistakes as opportunites in disguise. With every design and every class I teach, I learn so much. I learn how lovely, determined, and resilient my students are. I learn how to create a garment that not only I love, but that others will love and be excited to knit. I learn to slow down and enjoy the process. And most of all I learn how beautiful and giving the kntting community is. You have welcomed me with open arms and I thank you. So whether you are a seasoned veteran, or someone who is only beginning to ponder the idea of knitting, it is for you that I knit, that I teach, and that I LOVE it!

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